Monday, March 6, 2017 - a scam

I've been using for quite a while now. 

If you're wondering what it is, it's a site whereby you get paid to write reviews for them. They claim to be rather free about what you write about and how you write.

But is it true?

Yes, it is ...BUT that is before you near your minimum cashout rate. And the way they calculate the cashout rate is very odd - it's the normal rate of your first accepted review x10. Meaning if your first review is accepted at a bulk rate ($3) but the normal rate of that particular type of review is $15, your cahsout rate is $150.

Although they claim to let you write anything and like how you would talk to your friend about the item/product, they do reject your reviews. And you'll never know why, because their reason will always be vague. (Sounds fishy? Yes it is, meaning they can reject anything at anytime as and when they like)

If you ask me if they pay? I am VERY skeptical. Some say they do, and some face what I faced. They started to reject EVERY SINGLE of my reviews (although I write them the same way I did with my past accepted reviews) when I am just about $20 away from the cash-out. The reason is obvious, huh?

One of the reason they gave is laughable, "is thit available in countries other than yours?" If they bother to check, the product is being sold in online shopping sites that ship worldwide. The rest they just copy and paste their usual line of "Helpful and entertaining information you provided is too limited or not unique enough to buy it. Thanks" To be honest, when I read the reviews on the site by other users, I can see tons of useless, unhelpful and not unique reviews. I've seen one that says "this product is nice, I drink it always. I drink it when I watch movie, when I have my meals or just alone like that. It's nice because my sons love it, my husband loves it and even my daughter loves it." (something along this line). Very unique, right? I can just change the product picture to another beverage and it would still work! Who cares if your whole family likes to drink it, what do I get from knowing about it? I want to know about the product!

If you ever do write for this site (at your own risk), I suggest YOU DO NOT READ the reviews there. It's not that all of them are bad, some are really good, but very often you come across a review that has no value at all that will make you really frustrated and confused about why your review is being rejected while they are being accepted! It will be frustrating, trust me especially if you put in numerous amount of efforts into all your reviews.

Also if you do a quick search online, there are no payment proofs from them posted online by users after 2014. (Well, at least I didn't find any, I only find a few from before 2012)

Although I really don't wish to be saying this, but I think Reviewstream is a SCAM! I don't think I will ever make that few dollars to reach the cashout. All my efforts of writing 40 over reviews for them will be gone down the drain. 

Beware of this scam site! They just give you false hope and then left you angry and sad by rejecting your reviews when you near the cashout! 


  1. I've the same experience with them. Only that I was one of those lucky enough to get paid by them a few years back. I was paid once back in 2014.

    I stopped writing for them after that because I got really busy.

    I went back to them in 2016 because I'm at home a lot as I'm dealing with depression and serious anxiety issues. I usually wake up not finding any purpose or motivation to do anything... but I found a love in watching movies and drama series. They can temporary distract me from my problems. Even when my best friend comes over to accompany me, we talk a lot about movies and drama series. We would always exchange our "good movie list" and that would keep us busy for hours.

    Hence, I tend to write a lot of reviews about movies and drama series. At first they accepted most of my reviews. Soon, they start to reject all my movies reviews, giving unclear reason like "information you provided is not enough or not unique"

    I was very shocked. I've been writing for them with similar style for all my reviews and all of a sudden they're not enough or unique? I've put a lot of efforts into all these reviews, I write them like my own diary because it's my passion and I would love to share it.

    I don't know why they got rejected but it seems like to me that if you're constantly producing reviews like 1-2 per day, they start to get suspicious of you. They'll think that you're trying to cheat. Maybe they don't believe that there could be someone who is watching about 1-2 movies and writing 1 review a day just like your regular 9-5 job. Or it could be like you said, they just don't want me to be able to withdraw what I had earned.

    I've about $80 in my account back then. I was hit pretty hard. I know it's my fault for being weak and vulnerable that maybe this is my punishment, but my friend says no. She took over the issue and contacted them. She told me to shun away from the website because they're not worth my time. She also submitted 5 of my rejected reviews to the entertainment section of her religious group newsletter and 2 of them got published!

    I don't know how they respond to my friend, but she said it's better not to know because they're just a bunch of uneducated and greedy people. They also shut down my account and all my hardwork and money had gone down the drain.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, but don't be affected by this scam site! Look at their front page, it's full of old and outdated products, movies and things that people are not interested in anymore!

      That shows their lousy taste and really bad judgement (or maybe they've been treating their users so badly that nobody is writing for them anymore!)

      Furthermore, having your reviews published in prints/newsletter show that you can write well and doesn't need to have your good reviews wasted in a lousy site like! Just treat all your submitted reviews as a form of charity to that bunch of idiots who can't write themselves!

      I'm been through what you've been through and this site is just not worth any of our time!

  2. Why you liar, sat all lies bad things about Reviewstream! You don’t get pay becouse you write shit! Stupid moron! People don’t believe him!

  3. If you here to prove a point or that we're wrong, I would expect payment proofs and much more.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your views, but no one appreciate the name calling.